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Dybing Farm is located on 250 privately owned acres of fields, meadows and forest, overlooking the trout-rich Dybing Lake nestled below majestic mountains in the peaceful valley that time forgot. The only sound that breaks the stillness is birdsongs, distant sheep-bells, gurgling water in the nearby creek or the rush from waterfalls across the lake.

Here you can relax while soaking in the sun and the beauty around you, go boating, fishing and hiking. Also explore the farm as well as the surrounding areas of interest.


Boating and Fishing on the 2.5 km long Dybing Lake

You can fish for trout (at no extra cost) from our motorboat or from shore. Fly-fishing is also popular. Experience the area from canoe and paddleboat or play and swim in the crystal clear water at Dybing Lakes own private beach.

Island and Waterfall

By boat you can also reach the beautiful island, the cave where Norwegian resistance soldiers hid during World War II or what remains of 4 ancient mill houses by the majestic Dybing waterfall.

Hiking on marked Hiking Trails

The Experience Dalane (Opplev Dalane) hiking trail passes right by Dybing Farm. Part of this trail is the centuries old church path from Dybing to Heskestad. Rather than hiking to Heskestad you can choose the opposite direction along Dybing Lake and up the mountain side; crossing over the huge waterfall to Roeysland, Fjelde and to the popular lookout, Gullbergtuva, with its gorgeous view which stretches all the way to the North Sea.

The trail is a good starting point for exciting explorations in the unscathed landscape. In addition to breathtaking nature you may see moose, deer, hare, fox, mink and different kinds of birds, maybe even a golden eagle. And, of course, trolls are always lurking in the many secret caves...


Berry picking

Towards the end of July and in August the hills and mountains come alive with delicious and healthful blueberries. In due course, the bright red cranberries appear. Also, wild raspberries are everywhere for your enjoyment. If you are really lucky you might even find every gourmands dream, the plump yellow royal cloudberries!

Lysefjord with its world famous Preikestolen

Many of our guests enjoy a day trip to Preikestolen, the world-renowned pulpit shaped mountain that juts precariously over the Lysefjord. If you do not feel sporty enough for the two hour hike to the top, it can be admired from below while cruising comfortably on a tour boat on the spectacular Lysefjord.

Multiple other points of interest!

  • Egersund a charming coastal town with a whole area of quaint, old wooden frame houses, Eigersund Kirke (a spectacular old church), Eigeroey Lighthouse, and more.

  • Sogndalstrand an historical town preserved since the days of sailing ships a true cultural gem. Close by is Norways southernmost fjord Jøssingfjord, with spectacular views, also known for the Altmark-incident (the first act of war on Norwegian soil just prior to WWII) and Ruggesteinen Northern Europes largest movable stone mass, weighing 74 tons

  • Flekkefjord a beautiful coastal town, also a short distance to a picturesque island called Hidra

  • Stavanger the big city in this part of the country with a lot to offer visitors

  • Byrkjedalstunet an old dairy turned into a restaurant serving genuine Norwegian food in a cozy atmosphere and also a candle/gift shop. Nearby is Gloppedalsura the largest area of huge granite boulders in Northern Europe, and the stunning waterfall Månafossen

Beautiful Beaches

  • Skadbergsanden on Eigeroey (island) close to Egersund

  • Ognasanden north of Egersund on route 44.There are also other splendid beaches at Jaeren along the North Sea towards Stavanger


Dybing Farm is located in a region with so much to see and do that you could spend months here without covering it all! We are always ready to assist you with information and answer questions.

Welcome to a memorable stay at Dybing Farm at the lake!


Lakefront Area (Gapahuk) for BBQ and Bonfire

All guests have access to the Lakefront BBQ Area next to the small dock with 3 rental motor boats. We also rent 2 canoes, 1 kayak and paddle boat (Trøbåt for 4). All life vests and oars are in the wooden shelter (Gapahuk). 

This area is great for picnics, grilling and a bonfire. We have wooden benches and tables that can be arranged however you like. 

The big coal grills are perfect for a few people or a big group.

The grass lawn by the lake is perfect for activities, contests and games.  

There is a tiny pebble beach with very shallow water perfect for small children to play. 


Sauna House

Our Sauna House is free for all guests. Infra-Red Sauna takes 30 minutes to heat up. The Sauna has a lake view. 

If you want to take turns sitting in the Sauna, there is a outer room where you can sit and enjoy the view of Dybing Lake. 

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