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There are many options available at Dybing Farm for special celebrations such as weddings, confirmations, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, class reunions, team building, etc.

The three buildings, Siri House, Peder Barnand Guri House are adaptable for a one-day event or overnight stays. You can rent one, two or all three buildings, each different, each charming with multiple handcrafted and artistic details.

The total sleeping capacity is 27 guests, 18 beds in 9 double rooms plus 9 sleeping places in lofts, etc.

Peder Barns banquet room has a seating capacity for up to 40 guests.The panoramic view, and two huge, extraordinary chandeliers and other surprises make this room quite elegant. Blakken-stallen, in Peder Barns basement, is a pub-like room, nostalgic, but ruggedly beautiful, with wood, leather and stone. It is a favorite gathering place after dinner for conversation and something good to drink.

Siri House, our crown jewel, can accommodate groups of 10-20 guests.The view is stunning with direct access to a large balcony. There is a cozy area under this balcony with BBQ-pit, massive fireplace, stone benches (with pillows) and a solid oak table for 12.

Guri House, a charming replica of the old farmhouse, is suitable for small groups of 8-10 guests. When you enter Guri House, pleasant memories from childhood visits with grandma will bring a smile and warm your heart. Guri House has soul!


Lakefront Area (Gapahuk) for BBQ and Bonfire

All guests have access to the Lakefront BBQ Area next to the small dock with 3 rental motor boats. We also rent 2 canoes, 1 kayak and paddle boat (Trøbåt for 4). All life vests and oars are in the wooden shelter (Gapahuk). 

This area is great for picnics, grilling and a bonfire. We have wooden benches and tables that can be arranged however you like. 

The big coal grills are perfect for a few people or a big group.

The grass lawn by the lake is perfect for activities, contests and games.  

There is a tiny pebble beach with very shallow water perfect for small children to play. 


Sauna House

Our Sauna House is free for all guests. Infra-Red Sauna takes 30 minutes to heat up. The Sauna has a lake view. 

If you want to take turns sitting in the Sauna, there is a outer room where you can sit and enjoy the view of Dybing Lake. 

Please contact us for further information and prices; depending on time of year and number of guests.

You can reach us at this number:

Siri Reksnis +47 991 54 606


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