We have 3 houses for rent:



Peder Barn with its Norwegian pine, oak and black walnut through-out, its attractive interior and multiple wood carvings, has become a favorite among our guests. Sitting by the panoramic window, soaking in the gorgeous view of peaceful Dybing Lake gives you a renewed perspective on life. Whether it is snacks and drinks at the solid black walnut bar or an elegant dinner under glowing chandeliers, you will relax and be ready for exciting adventures at Dybing Farm.

X Person

Lake View

4 X Beds



X Bathroom

X Big Kitchen


The beautiful fully equipped kitchen has all the modern conveniences: built-in oven with ceramic cooking top, kitchen fan, coffeemaker, toaster, microwave, two separate sinks, built-in refrigerator, dishwasher and heated floor.

Peder Barn also provides satellite TV and central vacuum

Blakken Stall, in the basement of Peder Barn, was designed and completed by my husband Dan. Admiring the finished product, he exclaimed: This is my favorite room. Wow, how inviting can a room be? Handcrafted solid timber benches and bar, wood burning stove and original half meter thick granite walls make the word cozy inadequate. Blakken Stall was named after my beloved childhood horse Blakken. I can feel his dear presence in this room. A farm wagon wheel, original brass horse collars, snow shoes and other horse gear have been lovingly modified into lamps, a coffee table and other dcor in this marvelous pub-like basement - a nostalgic but elegant room in wood, leather and stone - no plastic. Here you can enjoy a peaceful hide-a-way playing cards or games by the fire!

Please contact us for further information and prices; depending on time of year and number of guests.

You can reach us at this number:

Siri Reksnis +47 991 54 606

E-mail: siri.reksnis@gmail.com